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Godiva Insurance has a vast amount of experience in this sector providing specialist assistance to a wide variety of marine cargo clients and freight forwarding companies. This policy protects against physical loss or damage to the insured’s goods during the ordinary course of transit by land, sea and air.

Marine Cargo Cover Consists of:

Our Marine Cargo insurance covers the movement of goods/commodities traded internationally and/or domestically.

  • Cargo Policy for imports and exports.
  • UK Inland transit as well as imports and exports.
  • Warehouse to warehouse cover.
  • Storage in the ordinary course of transit.
  • Covers the movement of goods or commodities traded internationally and/or domestically.

Features & benefits

Covers transit by land, sea and air for all approved modes of transport. Including inland transits, imports and exports. The basis of cover is the universally approved Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC). These clauses are standard in International trade. Cover may include damage to goods ,loss of goods, theft, pilferage, conversion, shortage or non-delivery, depending on the clauses incorporated .Cover for goods in storage is provided whilst in the ordinary course of transit (i.e. before goods have reached their final destination), including loading and unloading. Voyages section includes worldwide cover automatically with a small list of countries which are excluded. Cover can be extended to include UK or overseas exhibitions and exhibition fees, stock, consequential loss and Installation covers. Sales representatives’ samples, engineers’ tools and drivers’ personal effects can be included.

Freight Liability

Freight Liability Consists of:

Provides cover for carriers and clients involved in storing, carrying or facilitating the movement of third party goods. It allows them to cover their legal responsibility for physical loss of or damage to any shipment.

The policy cover includes:

  • Own goods up to £10,000 per vehicle
  • Trailer curtains up to £1000
  • Drivers’ personal effects up to £500 per occurrence
  • Debris removal up to £25,000
  • Temporary storage
  • Optional extensions available for Temperature Controlled Goods, errors and omissions (up to £25,000) and own trailers.

Features and benefits

Single policy and succinct, clear schedule for any combination of Warehouse Keeper, Haulier or Freight Forwarder. Up to £100,000 limit when knowingly carrying thief attractive goods. No limit if unwittingly carrying thief attractive goods. Includes cover for sub-contracted work and no specific requirements for agency drivers. Includes storage in the ordinary course of transit. Optional extensions available for Errors & Omissions, Trailer cover and Temperature controlled goods. Standard £75,000 limit for third party property including containers, trailers etc. £500,000 limit for any one occurrence where the contract conditions are set aside by a court of law. Includes own goods up to £10,000 for sheets, ropes, etc. and up to £500 for driver’s own personal effects. Own vehicle security clause automatically offers co-insurance in the event of non-compliance.

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