Valuation Services

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Godiva Insurance offer expert Valuation Services. Accurate property valuations enable your insurance cover to be appropriate to meet your needs. Too little value attributed to your property and you could be ‘under-insured’, too high a valuation and you could end up overpaying on premiums. At Godiva we strive to make our Valuation Services as accurate and effective as possible. We use our hard earned expertise to the benefit of our clients.

Our independent dual qualified CILA and RICS surveyors provide accurate valuations based on the re-building costs, debris removal and contamination, Increased Cost of Materials and VAT, taking into account local planning and legislation requirements such as Lifts for Disabled access, new heating and electrical requirements or listed status.

In addition to the correct valuation of buildings, we can also undertake an assessment of Plant, Machinery and Contents, compile inventories and research into the replacement cost, which can be used either at renewal or in the event of a claim.

For people who own individual items of high value, unusual pieces or collections, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate valuation for insurance purposes. Godiva Insurance and its partners can assist by providing valuations that are accurate and cost effective.

  • Valuations as accurate as possible.
  • Dual qualified CILA and RICS surveyors.
  • Assesment of Plant, Machinery and Contents.
  • Inventories and replacement costs.
  • Special attention to unusual or high value items.