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Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial for any person or business that provides advice, design or professional service involving the handling of intellectual property or data. This is because it is likely that they could have a claim brought against them by a client, whether they are a sole-trader, freelance contractor or limited company.

There are many reasons why a client might bring a claim; it could negligence due to failing to deliver as expected or contracted, infringement of IPR, defamation (libel or slander), loss or damage to clients’ documents or data held in your clients’ care. Either way, Professional Indemnity Insurance cover from Godiva will help protect you when you need it most. Our team of professionals are experienced in providing UK businesses with insurance cover that they can trust. We’re been in operation since 2010, and our client retention rate is 97.5%. This is because we treat every client with the care and attention that they deserve. Call us now on 02476214514 to get a Professional Indemnity Insurance quote. In most cases we can start providing you with cover straight away.

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover requires a full disclosure of all material facts as requested by the insurer in order to assess the specific risks.

Typical trades include:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • BusinessConsultants
  • Creative, marketing and Media Professionals
  • Engineers, Surveyors and Estate Agents
  • IT Professionals
  • Many more professions: – ask the team, as it may be more specialised

Our team have the experience to offer the most appropriate level of covers.

  • Covers professional negligence, such as making a mistake in a piece of work for a client or giving them poor advise
  • Unintentional breach of confidentiality and/or copyright
  • Defamation or libel
  • Loss of documents or data
  • Loss of money or goods for which you are responsible
  • PII cover – from £50,000 to £5m limits available
  • The level of cover depends upon the size of contract and the clients business
  • Defence costs are paid – including solicitors fees and expert counsel
  • Loss of earnings after an accident