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Is not just there for the non-fault claim, but is there to provide a unique service when, the more common, fault incidents occur.

At the roadside 24/7 anywhere in the UK we will do our best to get your drivers needs addressed; the vehicle recovered from the scene (if needed) and most importantly try and control any potential third-party claim.

Keep Your Drivers On The Road

If you are lucky, insurers may sometimes offer a courtesy vehicle when one of your drivers has an accident; however, it is unlikely to be suitable for commercial use and very often only offered in non-fault incidents.

Our service provides your driver with a comparable (excluding modifications and fitted equipment) vehicle whilst your vehicle is undrivable and being repaired regardless of fault. We also offer the same service for up to 14 days, in the event of a theft claim. Replacement hire vehicles offered include a small, medium or large van (up to 3.5T); with LWB or SWB options, as well as a range of different cars.

This will be made available to your driver at the scene, or where the vehicle is recovered to, our key objective is to get your driver back doing what they should be doing with the minimum of fuss. Vehicles are collected and returned FOC when the repair is complete to fit in with your drivers needs, if necessary outside office hours.

Reduce Third Party Claims

In fault incidents stopping the third party claim from escalating plays a massive factor in reducing future premiums. When a third party reports an incident directly to their insurer, the claim will probably be dealt with by an accident management Company, who unfortunately are well known for inflating third party costs in non-fault incidents, as these are the only way that they can make their money.

Our claims team will try and stop this happening by offering the third-party attractive services at the scene to help them get back to where they were, before the accident happened, with the minimum of fuss.

If we are successful in capture, then we fast track any third-party repair to reduce the key to key time (time that any replacement vehicle is needed)

Our claims team will manage the claim process, including identifying liability and authorisation of repair, always keeping you in the loop.

We work to ensure your repair gets the priority it needs and is returned to your fleet as quickly as possible.


Godiva roadside users get free of charge use of a smart phone application (IoS and Android), that streamlines the reporting process and ensures your drivers capture all the correct information when incidents happen. Its simple to use and available in a selection of different languages.

More frequent users of the service will be able to access an online shared area, where information on all incidents can be viewed and dash cam or telematics information can be shared.

This service is provided to Godiva policy holders for an annual fee per vehicle of only £15, speak to your account manager today about Godiva Roadside and rest assured that your employees will keep working, even when their vehicles can’t.



Should my drivers ring you direct from the scene, or should they contact the office?

There is a direct correlation between speed of reporting incident and the probability of capturing the third-party repair. We encourage fleets to instruct drivers to report incidents to the roadside team immediately so that we can respond. The fleet decision makers are always notified first when an accident happens and this is automated with users of the smart phone application.

How do my drivers know who to ring?

Godiva roadside cards and windscreen wallets are available to fleets not using the smartphone application

Do my drivers need to fill out an accident form?

Godiva Roadside claims handlers will ensure all the correct information is collected if the incident is reported from the scene and produce the necessary incident form for your holding insurer (occasionally there is a further request for a statement diagram). If not reported from the roadside our claims team will collect all available information and where needed establish further facts. Once all the necessary information has been gathered they will create the necessary documentation for the insurers.

If it is a non-fault incident, who pays for any hire that I need?

In non-fault incidents we recover your hire charges, once they have been paid, from the at fault third party. These are fair rates and not inflated and set at the recommended ABI (Association of British Insurers) level.

What happens if the vehicle is a total loss?

We will recover the vehicle and address your driver’s immediate needs. If a replacement vehicle has been provided prior to the vehicle being declared a total loss, this will be requested to be returned once your insurer has officially written off your vehicle. Normally this is expected to be returned within a couple of days and there will be no hire charges. In some circumstances the vehicle may continue to be used, but agreed hire charges will be applied.